Naval Gazing

Lyrical essay about the Umbilicate mammulata lichen species to accompany the ‘Naval Gazing’ series—which includes 3 flamework glass vessels with lichen dye and handmade paper. A stack of 8.5”x14” broadsheets (above) were provided as a take-away for the public during the ‘Forces of Nature’ exhibition in Cold Spring, NY. 

Mother Nature Calls 

A tabloid size risograph-printed catalog for the exhibit ‘Mother Nature Calls’ (2019) Introductory essay by Julia Schwadron, director MFA-IA SCN. Design and ‘Naval Gazing’ essay by Jean Brennan. Printed broadsheet acts as a visual score for nondiscursive communication with(in) a grove of reforested red pines.

I Talk to the Wind

A broadsheet integrating ecologist Richard Karban’s research on airborne communication between Sagebrush plants with the poem, Suleika, by Goethe and Marianne Willemer. Audience members were guided along a path and onto a foot bridge where they discovered a stack of broadsheets during the ‘I Talk to the Wind’ performance. (2017)


A publication documenting the work of MFA studio, Transformation Design. Book design by Skyler Balbus and Jean Brennan. Printed by Pratt Press, 2013. A project of Public Project. Pratt Manhattan Gallery Exhibit

La Poubelle Agréée

Visual meditation and mock anthropological study on disposable objects. One family, 300 days. Artifacts were photographed and tagged with date, material, weight, user, function and color and uploaded daily to an online feed. The print collection, a sampling of the 1,144 items documented, is unbound and likewise sortable.

Color by Day

Single Channel HD 5:00 Min.

Data pulled from La Poubelle Agréée project and animated into dissolving frames of color.
Each day represents 1 second. The pace quickens as the amount of entries on any given day increases, and vice versa.

Rabbits Don’t Lay Eggs

A performance written and performed by Susan Osberg. Printed matter, video and sound by Jean Brennan.

CASFS Booklet

Print booklet to profile alumni of the historic UCSC Farm and Garden program. Included travel, interviews, writing, photography and design. Read on ISSUU.
Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS), Santa Cruz, CA

Because Designs

Accordian-fold brochure for stained glass artist, Susanna Conaway.

The Randolph School

Design, branding and marketing for a progressive elementary. Photography with simple direct language to capture the attention of local residents in low budget advertising contexts.
Classroom images: Art Directed by Jean Brennan, photographed by Tony Cenicola, playground photo by Cappy Hotchkiss.

Flip book wedding invite

This wedding invite features an animated juicy and wind-struck kiss by the groom and bride to be.
The letters 'L' and 'P' on the cover are highlighted for the couple's initials: Larry and Piper.
Matching postcard features the Pt. Reyes wedding location.

Creative Culture

Redesign of online presence for New York based literary agency. Each time the user enters the site, a different pattern, using elements from the logo, appears. Includes a full list of titles with rollover information and links.

Music Video Awards package design

Art direction, design and animation for MTV's Music Video Awards.
Package included four :10 second IDs, along with bumpers and sponsorship pages.
Each ID features teardrop logo elements animated in sync to different genres of music.
Stills of the event location, Miami, provide the backdrop.


Public service announcement for Oxygen's 'Choose to Lead' initiative.
Creative direction: Jean Brennan; Executive Producer: Jan Potenzo; Director: Jason Fisher-Jones. 

PBS: Stay Curious

Redesign of on-air look for PBS.
Package included: live action IDs, original music, logo pneumonic, graphic menus.
CD: Bob English; EP: Jane Potenzo; Art director: Jean Brennan.