As an interdisciplinary artist, I seek site-specific opportunities for experiential learning and making. My mediums are sculpture, performance, and video. Themes include a fascination with atmospheric forces, as indicators of climate, and a phenomenological representation of place.

I Talk to the Wind (2017) took place at Sagehen Creek field station in Tahoe National Forest. This installation considers communication in plants and people, and the medium that bears this transmission: wind. Inspired by ecologist Richard Karban’s research on airborne communication between sagebrush plants, I staged a cacophonic reading, in the round with six incognito performers, of Goethe and Marianne Willemer’s poem, Suleika. Silk scrims dyed with sagebrush, wolf lichen, and lodgepole pine set the stage. The process of over-dyeing, to achieve tonal variations of color, mirrored our overlapping voices.

Historically, people have tried to 'become atmospheric,' through spiritual means, flight, or deep breathing. Recent projects ask what if this was reversed: If the ethereal became grounded, physical, dense? Take, Condensation, detached rubber drawings: one, in the hue of a Narragansett sunrise; another, a cloudy Hudson River sky. Or, Inhale/Exhale, sculptures made by inflating a space with breath, filling with plaster, then dipping the open end to release, or exhale, any captured air. While the action is about the breath, our not-so-personal atmosphere, the objects recall the body.

My work suggests a preoccupation with the sublime and a desire to destabilize the anthropocentric view of the natural world through a personal poetics—one that considers color and language in relationship to landscape.

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