Silk thread, silk, wood, motion sensor light
8’ x 10’

This piece is both made in stages, and creates an improvisational stage. As a site specific work, the silk is dyed with mugwort, an abundant native species harvested from the Ecological Preserve, and purple basil, a plant cultivated at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project. In the fall, additional color was added using native pokeweed berries. A small platform and motion sensor light provide the necessary elements for a simple theater setting that invites viewers into the scene, to take a selfie or play with their shadow. Coincided with outdoor evening performances by Powerhouse Theater on location.

One of several projects that employs natural dye and extraction as a way of engaging with plant species and place making. A video of the project can be found here on Vimeo. 

Art on the Farm
Vassar Ecological Preserve and Farm, Poughkeepsie, NY

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